Nighty Night! App Reviews

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Très mignon

Très mignon.

Its great for kids :)

It really work for bedtime :)


So cute and sweet, my baby sleeps calmly right after, and she has never been an easy one to put to bed. Super recommend, it never fails!

Cutest bedtime book ever :-)

Great illustrations! Cant believe how great the iPhone adaptation looks. Still so cute and the loving charm of this amazing bedtime book still totally comes across. Now I feel like going to bed myself, very satisfied! ...once we have kids, they will love the bed time ritual, too ;-)


Love this app. So does my 6 month old. Great graphics!

Not the best.

This is more towards young children. Super boring otherwise.

Cute, but terribly short

Nice concept for a childrens storybook game. I say no to the in app purchases for lame animals and the terribly short story. Not worthy of downloading.


Um.... Its okay

By far the worst game

This is the dumbest most pointless game out there.

So cute

This app is so cute and sweet. What a great interactive and calming bedtime game. Thank you for making this free!


Man this app is fun

Terrible game

Worst game ever to be on the face of the earth.


I like the simplicity and that it is a simple way to encourage putting electronics to bed. Good for all ages. The downfall is when the last little character goes to bed Id like to turn that light off too.


Whats the frickin point of this app all you do is put some people to bed

Good read!!

It was short and interactive and allowed for kind of settling your mind before going to bed.

Best bedtime book for toddlers

We have MANY apps with three kids. This is the best interactive book for toddlers out there!

Fun for the kids

My kids absolutely love this app. Its a great app for before bed or a nap. The downloadable content is worth it for the extra animals.

Worst game ever

This game is literally 5 secs long its even boring for my little cosin worst game on the planet

Gay nuff said



My little ones love putting the animals to bed before going n-night themselves! Thank you!

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